Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yet another blog'R

                     Let me start with some questions you would have in your mind, because I have the same questions whenever I start reading a new blog. This post is just to confuse you and make you stay longer under that pretext. After reading this post you will get an idea whether to continue reading or carry on with your important work in Facebook/Twitter.
Yet Another Blog

Who am I? 
I am just another stranger you pass by in your daily life.I am the kind of guy you come across in the metro station, vegetable shop, porn movie, shopping mall etc. (Shit! I just mentioned that I am a GUY, gonna lose some viewers). I am more like YOU (Unnai Pol Oruvan). I don't feel like revealing my true identity as of now. Later if I continue writing and if this blog gets some decent response I will slowly reveal it(more like strip-tease). So, here I am writing this blog and its upto you to read it or not.

What am I gonna write? 
Nothing big, or important. Just some daily instances which we all come across, or I still haven't decided yet. Once I start writing, I might get some ideas and I will let you know as it comes. Sure'a mokka matters dhan. The posts in this blog will be mostly in English and in middle middle some Butler English mixed with Tamil.

Why did i start this blog?
I was vetti to the core and didn't have anything else to do. So I started reading blogs and got inspired by them (I will write about those blogs in forth coming posts) and just like that, Boom!! WHY NOT ME? I can  also mokka potufy. Na podra mokkaya yum padika makkal vara maatangala enna? varuveenga la? 

Why should you read this blog?
If you want to gain knowledge about day to day happenings in politics, science, astronomy, astrology, zoology, physics, chemistry, french etc. this is not the blog for you. As mentioned earlier idhu time pass ku eludhina blog(wrote for time-pass). So, here you are reading it.

Is this blog fun?
Of course it is! Why would I say its not?!
You can leave your comments and opinions about this blog and possibly warn fellow readers.

About next  post. 
The next post will be about GIRLS. Why girls?
Because, nothing else can make this blog mokkier and at the same time attract some viewers. This topic struck my mind when I showed this blog to a girl and she was sweet enough to read the whole crap and she gave me some crappiest idea and talking about her intelligence was one such idea. 

P.S. She was the mastermind behind this blog name "tin tin ta din" (she forced me to add this.) 

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