Thursday, May 17, 2012

Girls (பெண்கள்)

As mentioned earlier, this post is about girls. The topic on "Girls" has been nondi nongu eduthufied (discussed) like a million times by thousands of people and not even a single person has ever come up with  any conclusion regarding this topic. 
Hot Girls (கிளுகிளுப்பான பெண்கள்)

Okay! Now I am gonna divide and analyse the geometry of algebra in the mind set of the girls.

When she is single
             It's easy to find out if a girl is single if she has the following traits
  1. She will act like Genelia (Haasini)  in Santhosh Subramaniam (always hyper and jumping here and there)
  2. She will always have a boy with her who is Friend-Zoned. 
  3. She gives less attention to her make-up. 
  4. She will eat anything and everything and never cares about her diet. 
  5. She shows attitude with strangers but deep inside the heart she expects people to look at her.
  6. When she knows about a guy having crush on her. She wants him to propose her badly and will try hard and make him propose, but chances of accepting his proposal are only 0.01%
When a guy goes behind her
             Every girl secretly wants to be loved but when it happens she will not be ready to accept it. Once again points potu neata alasuvom.
  1. The first thing she does will be to increase make-up and maintain proper diet (will turn super hot like the girls in the above pic)
  2. She gets close with the boy in the Friend-Zone (he might be expecting something else, but the truth is HE IS BEING USED)
  3. She makes new friends just to watch if the guy is coming behind her.
  4. Her activity in social networking sites increases exponentially. 
  5. She will get a new cat/dog and upload a minimum of 10 to 15 photos per day. 
  6. Treat the guy like a Hutch dog and make him follow her everywhere. 
When a girl falls in love
               Now when a girl falls in love (need not be the guy who proposed her) there will be a drastic change in her. Here I will list a few significant points based on experiments by scientists. 
  1. The importance to make-up reduces so does the diet. 
  2. All the boys she had in the Friend-Zone will be thrown out of her life. 
  3. She will remove all her photos from Facebook and have a pic of a baby or a flower as Display picture and it will be impossible to find her online.
  4. The dog/cat which she bought during the previous phase would now be replaced by her lover.
  5. She will pour too much of love on the guy and make him drown. At a extreme level, the love turns out to be torture.
  6. She limits her friend circle and never gets close with a girl hotter than her. 
I can go on and on but the topic will go endless. I want this post to be small and readable. So the other factors will be discussed later in future topics.

P.S. Not all girls are like this. Some are worse. 


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    1. Of course! it is. . . Dedicated to all Soup Boys :-)

  2. FYI not all girls are like that :P

    1. I didn't say "ALL" girls. Only 99.961 % are like this!

  3. This suits only a very few girls. At least I am not like this :|

  4. I LOL to this a lot. Great post.

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