Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Every Birth Has A Reason

Mother - The only visible Almighty

I was walking on the roadside, of a misty dawn
Suddenly was dragged by a flash of a sight
That froze my blood, gushing through my veins
I had no other go, I had to stop.

It was a pregnant lamb, growling out of agony
I guessed it to be a post-coming death due to pain
But it was the beginning of a new episode
That would make the mother sound and pride.

Yes, it was a heart breezing site of a delivery
Of a new generation that was about to sprout
Through the gestation for quite a long period
And perseverance of a soul that always loves.

The Lamb would have been in pressure and pain
But it tolerated every sense of frustration and fear
At last she is a mother then, one of the best
Undoubtedly every mother is the best of her kind.

I never know how the kid would sustain this world
But am sure about a thing, that it has a mom
Even if the world opposes, she’ll bring up her kid
Every kid’s birth has a reason, that to make it’s mother proud.


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