Friday, May 18, 2012

How'd the World started and how'll it end?

Who Cares??!!
You are better than those Saamiyars and Scientists!

Well, someone says It's all due to God. Someone else says, Science was the reason and Physics was the setup. While, the other geniuses just don't bother or care about how it all started, rather so curious about "How the hell will I get my tonight's drink? Plainly, I am one of them.

That was a pretty cool and breezy night-storm. The house's terrace was getting filled with chillness and silence. Turning the lid of that small bottle in my hand, with the World famous warrior's name printed on it, I was sitting at a corner, below the dim light with a bottle of "Goli-Soda", Mom's house made "Kaaravatthal", Next house Maami's handmade "Naarthanga-Ooruga", Like a Boss.

Okay. Coming back to that lid, it was tight and fit. Turning it was tough and hard. I was putting in all my expertise and my muscle power, which I was developing with the help of those big "Karlaa-kattai" and "Dumb-bells", the only ancestral property that my grandfather had left for our family. After a tough time, I unscrewed the lid. Felt like, I had unveiled the mystery of mankind itself.

Took out an ever-silver glass, that I'd brought from our kitchen without mom's knowledge. It was empty. That was the point, it all started. The questions in mind, the doubts in heart and that curiosity from the very bottom of my pelvis. The only thing that was striking my mind, on seeing an empty glass was "How'd the world started and how'll it end?" I started to think about it for a long time.

Now, poured an ounce of that divine liquid from that small bottle inside the glass. It was reddish brown and was looking like "Lava". Yes. That was how the world had been, before few million years ago, a hot land with a hot fluid. Well, I smiled to myself thinking of that sentence that flashed my mind, "Earth should have been fucking hot then!"

That thought added oil to the fire. To prevent any further fire accident, I started mixing that Goli-soda and that red liquid became diluted and was looking cool. Wait! This was how the solidification had occured. Rain was the reason. Continuous raining for months and years had cooled that molten lava and helped in formation of rocks and landreliefs.

Between this scientific travel, I did not notice the ant that had fallen inside the glass and was swimming in the mixture of two liquids. When I saw that, I'd thought for a moment, how many millions of microbes would be inside that liquid. That made me realize the fact, the world started with very tiny microbes and single celled organisms which gave rise to naked but tiny primitives like ants and flies. What-the!

After taking out the ant and throwing it away, without any delay or second thoughts, I gulped the mixture and bit the Kaaravatthal and licked that Naarthanga-Ooruga. It was heavenly. But the glass became empty. Okay. This is natural. It should have been some solar accident or a meteoroid stunt that would have ended the World. Who cares? I started filling it up again in the same order. This science class went on for nearly 6-7 rounds and I found the bottle had become empty. By then, I was feeling like flying with a Boeing 747 beside me, on it's course to New York.

Now, this is how a man's life ends. After realization of the world order, and the bottle becoming empty, he has to fly somewhere high to the skies, unseen thereafter. I was becoming enthusiastic and was feeling like a GOD. But that stupid alcohol was inducing my sleep centers and I was swaying right and left and atlast fell dead. Well, technically asleep. In the morning I found myself on my bed, with Mom awakening me with a cup of home-made filter coffee. On sipping it, I realized that, this divine morning with that super coffee was the moment when, my world which ended last night, actually started again.

P.S.  Fcuk those scientists and saamiyaars. My world starts everyday with that sweet cup of coffee and ends everynight with that bitter wine. I am happy. That's it.


  1. That's gooood! hilarious indeed!

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