Saturday, May 26, 2012

All is Well for the Whistlers!

Cup'u mela kaiya vecha. . . 
Thakali kondae puduvaen! 
Aadra Bravo Aadra!

So, the buzz all around the country is not about Petrol price hike or BJP's national meet up or drafting Jan Lokpal. It is all about IPL and the controversies. Oh yeah! India's favorite game was Cricket, it is and it always will be. Especially, Indian Premiere League. Even a farmer's son or a fisherman's daughter at some nook countryside now happily watches Cricket. They don't complain about those classic shots of Dravid and Laxman, without scoring a run even after a couple of spells in Test matches, which they feel as "so boring". We can't blame those kids. With those minimal knowledge about cricket and it's classics, obviously the great Dravid, himself is the poorest hitter of the ball FOR THEM. But IPL?! Arey! It gives the maximum entertainment to them. They can see sixes flying to every possible corner of the stadium. That's what they want. That's plain justice, after all!

There's a talk about how IPL brings in separation among the regional residents of the country. It happens. Manchester has two clubs and respective fans with ever burning rivalry. But when it comes to FIFA World Cup, everyone prays for England. That is the rule of sports and faith. When there comes a national cricket match, it is obvious these people gonna love and support their most hated guy of that year's IPL season, when he wins a match for India. This is natural. And also, the intake of those foreign lads, will surely help our youngsters to get maximum exposure and experience. Take it.

Okay! Now coming to the heroes of IPL. Ah! Everyone knows who they are. "Idhu Chennai.. Chennai.. Super Kings" is their anthem. "WhistlePodu" is their enchanting spell. And their one and only motto is "Giving the ultimate fun to people, who pay to watch them playing". That is the moral and spirit of sports. And these guys are the best in them. So, what makes them the "Heroes of IPL"? Why do they always win? What makes them keep going? We'll take a quick ride into their game-book.

They never care whether they win the toss or not. Because they have Openers, Middle Order Batsmen, Tail-enders, Sloggers, Pacers, Medium Pacers, Slow bowlers, Off Spinners, Leg Spinners, Carrom bowlers, Keeper, anytime/anyplace fielders. Oh wait! That's what a team can get. But these men got all this in their every playing squad. Gosh!

Hussey or Plessis opens up with Vijay. They show some fireworks. The opposition fears and trembles. Now, even if someone gets out, Raina comes in. He's one of the best hitter in this format of the game. So, again the opposition gets shaken. Okay! After a great hardwork, they remove him too(Remember? Still one of the openers is still on). Now, there comes a man who shakes the whole stadium. Even without Indian Air Force's permission, he often flies Helicopter in Indian Air Space. A bit atrocious towards the opposition, but always adorable and cool-headed with the team and the fans. Now, someone loses their wicket. Three gone! Wait. Why fear, when Badrinath is there? That man anchors himself on one side of the pitch. By now, some 10 overs would have been over.

Let us presume that again a wicket falls. This Caribbean Bravo comes in. And plays such that we get confused whether we are chanting his name or appreciating him. Hail their parents, who named him. Bravo! Assuming another wicket falls, this machine from some Africa comes in. That's all! By this time the bowlers were atleast trying to contain the batsmen. From now, its a myth. A movie dialogue "Eppadi potaalum adikiraan da" will run inside all Tamil fans cheering around. By this time, 17-18 overs would have been bowled. Now, if a wicket falls, the other team thinks everything is over. Ah! Jadeja comes in. This is a dangerous man. He plays seldom, but on his day, he is the master. Even if he gets out, the local darling Ashwin hits boundaries and sixes. Wait! That's 9 of them. So CSK has nine batsmen, huh?! Holy!

Now they come to bowl. Hilfenhaus or Bollinger takes the ball, By that time itself, the batsman would have got butterflies in his stomach. As presumed, wickets will fall. Albie will rout some sticks in the next over. This goes. Bravo joins in the attack with that natural Caribbean hotness. Wait! Take three steps back. No! This isn't a fast bowler. This is just a spinner, Ashwin! Bowling the very first over. Has the captain gone mad?! On what note, does he ask a spinner to bowl the first over when a world class opener is striking? During all our silly doubts and chaos, a wicket falls like a plum! The local boy would have stroke!  That is the power of the captain and his boys.

Jakati or Yo Mahesh are the other locals, who kill few wickets, while those foreign lads send the batsmen, back to their dressing room every now and then. Between this, Raina, Jadeja, and everyone in the team bowls at different matches. So how many bowlers do you have? Oh! And asusual, irrespective of whether this CSK bats or bowls, they almost take the match to the last ball, just to make the BP raise, Pulse get heavier and beating, we forget to breathe, sweat glands secrete and atlast they present a visual treat, that their Captain rout a stick and walk towards pavilion, looking high with pride. This is what CSK is all about. Just Winning.

Amidst all those Match Fixing controversies and money washing, something is for sure. Every sensible man knows that a team can't continuously win just by a pre-written script or spot fixing. Even a kid, playing at our street end, will know this fact. The other teams fans will complain, complain and keep on complaining, while this yellow freaks keep on winning the title.

5 times Semi finalists 3 times Finalists 2 times Champions, with that one final remaining will add up to the stats for sure in IPL. 1 time Champion in CLT20. 

So Team Chennai and their fans.. Just #raiseyourhands and kaadhu kizhiyara maari oru #whistlepodu for this all time favorites and roaring Kings of the tournament. They are the best T20 side in the whole cricketing world. No doubts.

P.S. : Those who hate CSK, remember something. It doesn't matter who hates who. It just matters who fcuks who. You are all already fcuked badly, LOSERS!


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