Monday, June 18, 2012

Read this and you are a 'Professional Photographer'

Photography for Dummies
I will start by giving you a small introduction about different types of photography which modern day photographers term as "Professional Photography" in social networks. Before getting into the topic, will give you a short overview of Photography before invention of DSLR
Photography - before the invention of DSLR camera.

Nature Photography
          This is the simplest form of photography. You don't even need a DSLR camera. Any instrument which has a camera can be focused into the sky and presto, you're a nature photographer. Take snaps of the horizon, Clouds and few trees and edit it using Instagram. If you are from a coastal region, you have an added advantage. For example, Photographers from Chennai can fill out their 'Nature Photography' album with pictures of the Marina and Broken bridge (Bessy)
Wildlife Photography
          This is little bit more challenging than Nature photography due to limited resources. You can start by clicking street dogs, cats etc and slowly after mastering the art of wild life photography on the streets, you can go to a nearby zoo and try your hand at clicking some actual wild animals inside cages. If you want to be more exploratory and take risks you can go on a vacation to hill station and take snaps of monkeys on the roads. You can also add elephants in temples to the list.
Travel Photography
          Travel Photography can be done when you plan a family trip to your native or college/office tour etc. This includes leaning out of the train/bus window and clicking road side trees while still moving. This produces a blur in the image which can be called as an effect. Once I came across a group of bald heads tagged under Travel Photography with a description "A Trip to Thirumala" which means, you can also convert your pilgrimage to Travel Photography.
Wedding Photography
          Wedding photography can't be done in all seasons. During your relative's/friend's wedding, take along a camera and click pictures of super hot chicks and aunties in the function and create a separate album called Wedding Photography.
Candid Photography
          In candid photography, "edhir veetu aunty, pakathu veetu akka ellarum guninju thuni thovaikardhu ellathayum photo edukuravana ellam chak chak chak nu photo eduthu bluetooth vazhiya polis la pudichu koduthurulam" - By Santhanam

Tips for Photo Editing
--> "Blur" effect can be used all over the picture, except the face. 
--> Change the picture to B&W irrespective of what it is. 
--> Use "Dodge" tool to whiten your skin. (It looks fake though) 
--> Girls can use all the "Word Art" pictures like hearts, star, sparkles etc all over the image.

To become a Professional Photographer in 10 easy steps
Step 1: Create a Facebook page as "YourName Photography"
Step 2: Create a watermark image to add it to your clicks. The watermark need not be attractive, but it should be big enough to spoil the original image.
Step 3: Take photos of whatever stupid ass things you come across.
Step 4: Edit the photos in Photoshop, follow tips given above (this includes adding watermarks at least in 5 different places in an image) or if you are not familiar with Photoshop, there is another kick ass photo editor for dummies - Instagram.
Step 5: Add the edited photos to respective albums in your Facebook page with a poetic description. For example, If you have taken a picture of sunrise/sunset then search Google for "Nature Photography Quotes" and you can always flick a quote.
Step 6: This step is very important for all Wildlife Photographers. You can click pictures of your neighbours dog/cat but depict them by their respective breeds in description and not their names like Jimmy, Puppy etc.
Step 7: After uploading the image tag about 50-100 friends on each picture. This will increase the reach of the photo.
Step 8: Go to chat box and force your friends to LIKE it. Each forced LIKE is an award to your hard work.
Step 9: Participate in all online photography competition where you can copy others ideas to click pictures in future. If you have a huge friend list then you have bright chances of winning the competition.
Step 10: This step is mandatory. You own a DSLR camera? Then you are a cinematographer for an upcoming short film.